What Happens Is Neither

  • What Happens Is Neither

paper • 110 pages • 16.95
ISBN-13: 978-1-945588-69-3
Publisher: Four Way Books
“This stunning volume illuminates scenes of domesticity from within like summer lanterns made from mason jars full of fireflies." —Booklist

“What Happens is Neither/ the end nor the beginning. /Yet we’re wired to look for signs,” offers the speaker of Angela Narciso Torres’ latest collection, which approaches motherhood, aging, and mourning through a series of careful meditations. In music, mantra, and prayer, Torres explores the spaces in and around grief—in varying proximity to it and from different vantage points. She writes both structurally formal poems that enfold the emotionality of loss and free verse that loosens the latch on memory and lets us into the sensory worlds of the speaker’s childhood and present. In poems set in two countries and homes, Torres considers what it means to leave a mark, vanish, and stay in one place. In a profound act of recollection and preservation, Torres shows us how to release part of ourselves but remain whole.